The Civil Justice Research
Initiative explores, through interdisciplinary, academically-based
and independent research, how the civil justice system can be made
more available to everyone seeking relief.


Rank of the united States among 113 countries in “accessibility and affordability of civil justice.”


Number of people in the United States living with civil justice problems, many involving basic human needs like housing, health care and custody of their children.


The percent of the civil legal problems reported by low income Americans for which they received inadequate or no legal help.


5.1B People Lack Access to Justice, Landmark Report Finds

For the first time ever, a collection of world leaders and justice advocates have quantified the challenge facing the United Nations’ stated goal of ensuring equal access to justice for all by the year 2030.


What’s Happening in Federal Court?

The inaugural symposium of the Civil Justice Research Initiative at Berkeley Law brought together leading legal scholars and social scientists from around the country to share their research and discuss the legal process in federal courts. See event photos >


National Conference of State Courts, The Landscape of Civil Justice Litigation in State Courts

The NCSC undertook a study entitled The Landscape of Civil Litigation in State Courts to document case characteristics and outcomes in civil cases disposed in state courts.